About Me


Welcome to my collection of what I choose to call “outlets of creativity”. Little things thatI have indulged in, during the last four decades.

I started life as a mathematician and software writer. The phrase “Passion, Imagination, Creation” was, in fact, a paradigm  that I pursued unerringly during those years when delving into the mathematics of time & space and other algorithmic complications. Strangely enough, the same paradigm fits in very well with every form of art that I have pursued.

Music has had a kind of overpowering influence over my creative juices during the last three decades and much of my time has been consumed as a performer, music composer, recording artist and teacher. It is only now that I have let the other forms of creativity take a front seat.

Art, in every form, is not a subject for me…. it is a way of life. 

Hope you enjoy these creations….

– Avijit Sarkar –

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “Art (in every form) is not a subject for me…. it is a way of life. ” – well said and totally agree on that! Loved your blog, looking forward to see more gags and illustrations. Thanks for connecting. Good luck with your e-Zine.

  2. ExPressing the emotions, can take many forms and each form has its own unique characteristics.
    One needs to be like a child, open up and express freely. It’s a new world.
    I love the world.

  3. Avijit Sarkar ji … A true artist in all fields and has a great personality who loves to share his knowledge.


  4. Being human is also an art form. It should be….. if it is not. Avijit bhai I have seen your human side on many occasions and I wonder if it is the pursuance of various art forms that made you the human we see or is it the human in you that has given shape to these art forms that we see the way we see. Whichever way it is, just keep it going…we have a lot to learn from you.

  5. Looking forward to your creations as you journey on into newer and newer realms, Avijit Bhai! As you have often said, a creator/artist really only thrives on people’s appreciation, and we truely value all you have to offer!

  6. I have gazed through your deep penetrating eyes many a time .
    It hard to encompass the beauty , fathom the depths of your mind .
    It is uplifting the melody you create , it is appealing the simplicity you retain
    What a service you are embarking, offering art without the lure of immediate gain .

  7. Uplifting is the melody you create
    At once flowing through the grace of your simplicity
    What a service you are embarking
    By the bestowed wonder of your creativity !
    You have been sent with a mendate to share and serve
    Let me shower my blessings on you ,
    You rightfully deserve !
    Raj Bhandari Poet and author

  8. Great words from a wonderful artist and person.
    It has been said that beautiy and art is in beholders eyes , it is just a state of mind and depends on how you feel and see things in life.
    Once you open your eyes and mind there is love and art all around you
    Hope you read more enjoyable things from you and your readers

  9. Amazing artist Abhijitbhai! Don’t know how you find time to do so many things so well! You are truely inspirational.
    Jay Kulkarni

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